Abraham LincolnAlice DayAmish
Are Ernie and Bert gay?Babushka ladyBadge man
Benjamin Chee CheeBilly TiptonBlackface
BrokenCharlie and the Chocolate Factory-Spotty PowderChrysippus of Soli
Cocksucker Blues filmsCocksucker Blues the songDavid Allan Coe
Death from laughterDeath of a PresidentDoctor Dad Botches Home Circumcision
Drug users injecting 'bath salts'Emperor Norton IFast Food Secret Menu
Fedor JeftichewGeorge de MohrenschildtGerald Ford
Girl chops off tongue to get the right' groomGlasgow smileGloomy Sunday
Hanging CloudHeil Honey, I'm Home!Hobo lingo in use up to the 1940s
Holy PrepuceHutton GibsonI Am A Patsy By George DeMorenschildt
I Love Lucy: The MovieIron Mountain BabyItaly Denies News Report That It Bribed the Taliban
J. Edgar HooverJacqueline Kennedy OnassisJay Leno
Jeffrey JonesJimmy CarterJoe Arpaio
John DraperJonathan CamposJoseph "Le Petomane" Pujol
Kenneth "Mr. Hands" PinyanKentucky Fried ChickenKill Ernie
Killer left messages in blood at home of 3 slain childrenKuruLast words
Lewis CarrollLouie LouieLower Merion School District sued for cyber spying on students
Lucille BallMan in the Iron MaskMartin of Aragon
Michael JacksonMonster MashMum blames daughter's rape on bestiality
Oliver "Billy" W. SippleOwen HartPietro Aretino
Ready 'N Steady by D.A.,Sam KinisonSchlitzie the Pinhead
Sharon LopatkaSir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty (or UrchardSister Mary Elizabeth Clark
Smoking MuppetsSnuff filmThe Ancient
The Censored ElevenThe Cottingley FairiesThe Day the Clown Cried
The Diary of Jack the RipperThe DoodlerThe Montreal Screwjob
The Nature of GodThe Original Oompa-LoompasThe Richmond Vampire
The childhood of JesusTickle tortureTweed, Ontario
Ulysses S. GrantUmbrella ManUnderground Archive Wiki
Within Our GatesYou Feel the Burn When You Cry
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