The Ancient is a horror movie that was shot as part of the first annual Texas Indie Meet, held in Gainesville, Texas September 10 - 12 2004. The movie was shot in three days with five different crews handling certain shots, and utilizing over 100 cast members.

In September 2004, independent filmmakers from all over the globe gathered in Gainesville, Texas for the Texas Indie Meet. The meet was the brainchild of Tracy Crockett (Necroscopic Unlimited) and Richard McClure (American Movieworks). The goal: To complete a horror film's principal photography over the course of one weekend. Some of the talent involved behind the camera includes Justin Powers (Pot Zombies), Kathleen Fitzgerald (Messiah), Chris Downs (The Shunned, coming soon from Silver Nitrate Pictures), Dave Jones, Larry McKee, and pickup shots were directed by Kevin Woods (Buy Sell Kill, Wiseguys Vs. Zombies) and Tim Sanders. Actors and actresses involved in the movie include April Wade (Day Of The Dead: Contagium), Steven Grainger (Come Get Some), and surrealist author of the bizarre Carlton Mellick III ( in a part written especially for him.

The movie was written by Richard McClure and Greg Chambers (Buy Sell Kill: A Flea Market Story's special effects man). The crew divided up into 5 teams, with one director each, a shot list, and actors. For 3 sleepless days and nights they shot around the clock. Incredibly, the movie was 98% finished by the weekends end. For the past year editing has been taking place in Bakersfield, California, with CGI being done by Richard Stallsworth of Sights Unseen. The Ancient tells the story of an evil entity wreaking havoc in a small town after being inadvertently released from its tomb.